Minutes Ubley Parish Council 7th Sept 2017

Draft Minutes of the meeting of Ubley Parish Council held on Thursday, 7th September 2017



Present: Councillors: Hallam (Chairman), Collins (Vice-chairman), Cole, Haley, Holt and Thompson 

District Councillor Vic Pritchard

Clerk: Mrs H Collins 




  1. a) To receive and accept apologies for absence

        Apologies: No apologies.





  1. To receive declaration of interest in the agenda




  1. Open session to receive comments from the public

Present: 2 parishioners were present.




  1. To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 6th July.


The minutes and the Financial Statement attached to it were approved and signed. The actions from those minutes were gone through to ensure that they had been done or were in the process of being done. 

This prompted a report of “fly-tipping” on the western lay-by on the A368.





The Clerk to report this to B&NES

  1. To discuss and decide the co-option of a new Parish Councillor following the resignation of Councillor Weiss


The procedure for Co-option was discussed. It was unanimously agreed that Colin Moore would be co-opted as Parish Councillor.




The Clerk to inform the Monitoring Officer and to ensure that the appropriate forms are completed.

6)   To receive an update by the Working Party on the Financial Regulations and Code of Conduct.  


Due to conflicting holidays, the Working party had been unable to meet over the summer. A date for the next meeting of the Working Party was agreed.







The Working Party to meet again on 21st September to complete the work on the Financial Regulations.




  1. To discuss the arrangements for setting up an Asset Register.

Andy Charter is sending Cllrs Hallam and Haley the Trust documents for the Parish Hall. The Parish Council can then confirm their responsibilities in regard to the Parish Hall.


Cllrs confirmed the other Assets on the list and added some that were not yet listed.







The Trust Document to also be sent to the Clerk


The Clerk to finish compiling the Asset Register

8)   Clerk’s report/correspondence; To discuss and approve further actions where needed:


  1. Compliance re: Pensions

The Clerk confirmed that the Chairman had complied with the directive re Workplace Pensions; neither the Sweeper nor the Clerk wished to be included in this scheme.


  1. Support for Blagdon re: Heavy traffic

This issue was discussed. Cllrs agreed that they were supportive of Blagdon Parish Council in this matter.





  1. SLCC membership and Basic Clerk Course

Cllrs confirmed their support for the Clerk joining SLCC and attending the Basic Clerk Course. Also their agreement to pay for both things.


  1. Noticeboard by Parish Hall door

The Clerk reported that there were significant difficulties in opening the door of the noticeboard in order to put up notices.




  1. Boundary review

This issue was again discussed with input from District Councillor Pritchard.


  1. Meetings

The Clerk stated that if she was needed to attend a significant number of meetings as part of her role then she would have to consider remuneration for her travel expenses. Cllrs agreed that that would be appropriate.


  1. CIL (Community Interest levy)

There is to be a meeting of the seven Parishes involved in the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan, who have agreed to pool their CIL monies. The date has not yet been agreed.



  1. Transparency Fund

The Clerk described how this fund was to be used in helping Parishes deal with the increasing work involved with adhering to The Transparency code. This could involve training costs. There was unanimous agreement from the Councillors that a grant should be applied for as the grant runs out in March 2018.


  1. Website management

The Clerk reported that she had had several approaches from website managers wanting to know if the Council wished help with the Parish website; one of which does the websites for Chew Magna and Chew Stoke. The Council did not feel that this expense was needed for Ubley but agreed that more information of interest to parishioners could be included on the website.



  1. West of England Strategy Discussion

Again, District Councillor Pritchard was able to enlarge on this topic, which looks at jobs and housing within the West of England. There is to be a public Consultation between November and January.



  1. Parish Charter Survey

Cllrs were reminded that this still needed to be completed. Cllr Haley kindly re-sent the information to all Cllrs






       l)  Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan balsam

The possibility of setting up a working party to pull up the Himalayan balsam was discussed. Cllr Collins had investigated the best way to treat it. However this would need to be soon as it needs to be pulled up before it goes to seed.











The Chairman to respond to the letter from Blagdon, giving the support of the Parish Council






Cllr Haley to raise this issue with the Parish Hall committee



Cllr Collins to draft a response













The Clerk to apply for a grant from the Transparency Fund.




Cllrs Haley and Collins to meet with the Clerk to set up community pages on the existing website.




The Council to await the next phase of the consultation process.


All Cllrs to look at this and a response to be sent as soon as possible 




Cllr Collins to lead on this.

  1. To receive an update on Highways issues, speed limits and signposts


There had been some complaints about an over-grown hedge on The Street which was causing problems for pedestrians and vehicles. 



There is a large dead branch in the hedge to the west of the entrance to Squire lane. This has been causing some larger vehicle to have to pull out into the road in order to get around it.


The reflective post that had been obscuring the new village sign at the western end of the village has been removed.



The Clerk to write to the landowner re this.


The Clerk to notify B&NES






  1. To receive an update from the Police Report/Neighbourhood Watch


There was no Police Report. Neighbourhood Watch had received information about several minor offences including a shed break-in at Pensford, but nothing more local.


There is to be a public Forum at the Guildhall in Bath on 28th September at 6.45pm. where Sue Mountstevens and Chief Constable Andy Marsh will discuss policing in Avon and Somerset. Free tickets are available from the website








The Clerk to send this information to the PCC for inclusion in their news bulletin



  1. To receive an update from District Councillor Vic Pritchard


The Health and Well-being Board had been looking at pre-operative health optimisation. This would encourage healthier outcomes by preparing patients for operation in respect of decreased smoking and weight. This policy will start from 1st October for knee and hip replacement operations. 







12)   Finances


  1. Financial statement

The Clerk/RFO went through the statement

See attached statement 


  1. To look at budget forecast and determine discretionary spend available 

The Clerk/RFO had prepared a basic budget forecast which showed a discretionary spend of just under £500.


  1. To agree the amount the Parish Council will use to help with the cost of pruning the Copper Beech in the Churchyard

Because of the tightness of the budget, the Parish Council agreed that they could only make a contribution of £250 but may be able to add more in the future. 


d)    To confirm payments and signing of cheques

Cheques to be paid were agreed by Cllrs and duly signed by two signatories.

See attached statement


  1. To receive an update re the Council’s bank account

Cllr Thompson reported that the Parish Council Reserve Account with Nat West is a business account and therefore no better interest rate is available with them.
















Cllr Hallam to contact the PCC re this decision.







The Parish Council to consider looking at alternative accounts.

  1. Defibrillator: To receive an update on the defibrillator


Cllr Holt has been making the required checks. The light inside the box is still not functional.





  1. Planning

     a) To receive updates on The Village Plan/Place-making Plan/CVNP


     b) Other planning: 


17/03651/TCA   Old Mead    It was confirmed that the application had received a “No Objection” decision from B&NES.


17/03836/FUL          Rookery Farm, Bath Road for Holt Farm    The Parish Council’s decision was that they had “No objection” to this application. The decision was unanimous.


17/03835/FUL          Bath Road for Holt Farm         The Parish Council’s decision was that they had “No objection” to this application. The decision was unanimous.


17/04056/FUL          Cross View Villa       The Chairman invited clarification from a Parishioner attending the meeting which enabled the Council to have a more informed discussion, especially in relation to the proposed garage. A Parish Council decision will be made after the visit to neighbours (see action opposite).     










Cllr Collins to inform B&NES of this decision


Cllr Collins to inform B&NES of this decision


Cllrs Hallam and Collins to visit the neighbours of this property. 


  1. Phone box. To update on the replacement light in the telephone box


No progress so far on this issue.






Cllr Hallam to advise the Council of progress at the next meeting.

  1.   To receive an update on the Parish Hall


Thanks to Cllr Hallam and Steve Blanchard for pruning the wisteria at the front of the Parish Hall. It was suggested that it might be allowed to grow horizontally along the front of the Hall. 





Cllr Haley to take the suggestion to the Parish Hall Committee.


  1.   To receive reports from Councillors who have attended meetings or training sessions


No meetings or training had been attended over the summer.






  1. To confirm the date of the next meetings.


The next meetings will be held on Thursdays 5th October, 2nd November and 7th December.


             Chairman: Wesley Hallam  Tel: 01761 463509

Clerk: Mrs Hilary Collins Tel: 01761 462294

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.