Minutes Ubley Parish Council 7th Dec 2017

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Minutes of the meeting of Ubley Parish Council held on Thursday, 7th  December 2017



Present: Councillors: Hallam (Chairman), Collins (Vice-chairman), Cole, Haley, Moore and Thompson

Clerk: Mrs H Collins 




  1. To receive and accept apologies for absence

        Apologies: Cllr Lucy Holt. Received and accepted.  

                            Also Vic Pritchard and Gemma Lindow 


2)    To receive declaration of interest in the agenda

  None reported.





3)    Open session to receive comments from the public

No parishioners were present at the meeting, but Cllr Collins reported that some young mothers from the village had asked if it would be possible to have a small children’s play-area in the village.

This has been discussed by the Parish Council previously and a suitable site had not been available.


Cllr Collins to again investigate possible sites and Cllr Hallam would join him on a working party.


4)   To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 2nd November

The minutes and the Financial Statement attached to it were approved and signed. The actions from those minutes were gone through to ensure that they had been done or were in the process of being done. 





The Clerk and Cllr Holt to liaise with Clive Setter in order to re-word the sign by the defibrillator


The Clerk to put a request in the Short Report for suggestions for sites that require a kissing gate.

  1. Clerk’s report/correspondence: To discuss and approve further actions where needed:


  1. Thank you letter from PCC re donation towards the pruning of the copper beech

           The Clerk read this out to the Council.


  1. Trust Deeds for Parish Hall

A copy of the “Trust Deeds” was read out to the Council. This confirms that Ubley Parish Council are the Custodial Trustees of Ubley Parish Hall.









The Clerk and Cllr Moore to work together to clarify the current position and responsibilities of the Parish Council 




  1. To receive an update on Highways issues, speed limits and signposts

Cllr Hallam reported that hedging at the top of Snatch lane is overgrown.




Cllr Hallam to talk to the owners of the land in the first instance.

  1. To receive an update from the Police/Neighbourhood Watch

No report from Neighbourhood Watch. A police report had been included in the Chew Valley Forum on 4th December.


Cllr Cole reported that there had been an incident at the garage a few weeks previously and that though a paramedic had arrived after 40 minutes, the police never attended, though they had said that they were on their way.






The Clerk to put the report in the Circulation folder



The Clerk to report this back to the police.

  1. To receive an update from District Councillor Vic Pritchard


No update was given as District Councillor Pritchard was unable to attend.





  1.   Finances


  1. Financial statement 

The financial statement was shared with the Council. 


  1. To confirm payments and signing of cheques (see financial statement)

The Council confirmed the payment of the cheques sited in the financial statement and the cheques were duly signed at the end of the meeting.


  1. Budget Forecast

Copies of the Budget Forecast were distributed.


  1. CIL Ratification by Council of the proposed agreement and the representative from Ubley Parish Council

Cllr Hallam confirmed that he would be the representative on the CIL committee.  There was a discussion around the spending of CIL money, which has to be used on local infrastructure.







  1. Adopt Financial Regulations

All Councillors present were in agreement with adopting the Financial Regulations.


















Cllr Hallam and the Clerk to clarify the position re CIL money and Cllr Hallam to check the position re:  106 monies.

  1.   Defibrillator: To receive an update.

No update was received as Cllr Holt was not present.




11)   Planning


  1. To receive updates on The Village Plan/Place-making Plan/CVNP

Cllr Collins reported that the CVNP is going to start its review process.








  1. Joint Spatial Plan and Local Plan 

Cllr Collins gave feedback from the open event on 30th November. Cllrs were reminded of the web address where they can find further information.



c)   Airport Consultation

This consultation had been mentioned at the Chew Valley Forum held on 27th September. The main impacts of any airport expansion for Ubley would be visual (especially at night) and noise. 





d)  To discuss and decide the Parish Council’s response to the following applications:


17/057191/TCA Church Farm House, pruning. The Council agreed that they had “no objection” to this application.


17/05928/TCA Southwell Lodge The Street. This application had only been notified to the Council yesterday. It was discussed and Cllr Collins will liaise with Cllr Holt before replying to B&NES.



The Clerk to check that Cllr Holt will continue as the representative from the Council and whether a parishioner is also required.







Cllr Collins to contact Tony Headford, Vice-Chair of Chew Valley Forum about this issue.









Cllr Collins to liaise with Cllr Holt and respond to B&NES.

12)  Sweeper Review.

Nothing to report



  1. Phone box. To update on the replacement light in the telephone box

Cllr Hallam reported that the light remained on.

Cllrs Hallam, Haley and Moore agreed to put up the Christmas tree on the Cross.





  1.   To receive an update on the Parish Hall and discuss use of noticeboards.

Cllr Haley reported that there was to be a new access point for Wi-Fi in the Hall. The new patio doors had been “signed off” by B&NES and could now be used. The Hall Committee was anxious to attract new users in the new year.


Cllr Haley said that the problem with opening the noticeboard had been reported to the Hall Committee. The Clerk asked if it would be possible to use more of the noticeboard by the door to the Hall when needed. Recently there had been a number of consultation documents to put up and space was limited.





  1.   To receive reports from Councillors who have attended meetings or training sessions


  1. The Link AGM and request for a representative

Cllr Moore read out his report from the Link AGM and confirmed that he had put himself forward as the Ubley representative on the Link committee.




  1. Risk and Assessment Course

The Clerk reported on the usefulness of this Course. 






  1. Joint Spatial Plan and Local Plan open event

The feedback from this had been given earlier in the meeting.








The report to be put into the Circulation Folder




The Clerk to update Risk assessments on an on-going basis.




  1. To confirm the date of the next meetings


The next meetings will be held on Thursdays 4th January,1st February and 1st March 2018 


             Chairman: Wesley Hallam Tel: 01761 463509

Clerk: Mrs Hilary Collins Tel: 01761 462294

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.