Minutes Ubley Parish Council 6th Dec 2018

Draft Minutes of the meeting of Ubley Parish Council held on Thursday 6th December 2018



Present: Councillors: Collins (Vice-chairman), Moore, Smart and Thompson.

Clerk: Mrs H. Collins 




  1. To receive and accept apologies for absence

        Apologies: Councillors Hallam, Cole and Haley.  Received and accepted.  

District Councillor Pritchard. Received and accepted.



2)    To receive declaration of interest in the agenda

  None reported.





  1. Open session to receive comments from the public

No members of the public were present at the meeting. However, a resident from Innicks Close had asked Councillor Moore about the following:

    1. Please could the hedge between the green and The Street be cut.


    1. The resurfacing work on a trench dug by Truespeed is of poor quality and is already beginning to break up in places.



    1. The Parish Council have now received two offers from residents from Innicks Close to mow the green, should we be able to acquire the land from Curo and should we be able to have and use a Parish Council mower.






Cllr Collins to contact CURO re this


The Clerk to contact Oliver Keyte from Truespeed about this

  1. To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 1st November and go through the follow-up actions.

The Minutes and the Financial Statement attached to it were approved and signed. 

The Santa Run took place and was a great success.








  1. Clerk’s report/correspondence: To discuss and approve further actions where needed:
    1. Consultations: Local Plan, Joint Spatial Plan and AONB Management Plan

An excellent report was received from Cllr Moore about the open event on the Local Plan. There was great opposition to the Whitchurch Garden Village and Councillors noted that Whitchurch is in the catchment area of Chew Valley School. There is concern that the needed infrastructure will not take place.






    1. Request for funding support

A request for funding had been received from a charity called Lifeskills, which runs the Create Centre in Bristol teaching children about safety. Though the Parish Council did not feel that they could support them financially, they agreed that we should publicise their need for volunteers.


    1. Reporting flooding posters

Posters had been received from B&NES regarding areas of responsibility in relation to flooding. Councillors were concerned that these seemed to show that landowners bore the most responsibility and B&NES and the Highways Department were not indicated on the posters at all.


    1. WW1 Commemorative Booklet

Booklets had been received. 












Cllr Collins to respond to this on behalf of the Parish Council by 7th January


Cllr Moore to look at the AONB Management Plan.




The Clerk to put the posters from Lifeskills on the noticeboards and information to be put on the website



The Clerk to seek clarification from District Councillor Pritchard re this



These to be put in the Circulation Folder and Cllr Smart to enquire as to whether Ubley Primary School would wish to have them after this

6)  To receive an update on Highways issues, speed limits and signposts

  1. Update on speed limits

Following intervention from Jacob Rees-Mogg, M.P. a response had been received from B&NES indicating that they were not prepared to look at this in the short term. Cllr Collins had written to Mark Shelford in B&NES twice and has still not had a reply.


  1. Update on kissing gates

Work on the kissing gates is now complete and this item will be removed from the Agenda.


  1. Bins for the lay-bys

The Clerk reported that she had spoken to Martin Hellyer from B&NES and that she is awaiting information about the size and look of the new style of litter bin that B&NES may be prepared to install in the lay-bys on the A368. Councillors agreed that if B&NES would only be prepared to install one bin, then this should be put in the larger of the two lay-bys.




Cllrs Hallam and Collins to arrange a meeting with Mr. Garrod of B&NES in January











  1. To receive an update from the Police/Neighbourhood Watch

There was no report from the Police. 


There has been a flurry of criminal activity in the Chew Valley in recent weeks. This includes burglary and robbery as well as more organised crime. Areas targeted had been Pensford, Temple Cloud, Midsomer Norton and Chew Magna. Telephone scams purporting to come from Microsoft are continuing. 







  1. To receive an update from District Councillor Vic Pritchard

District Councillor Pritchard was unable to attend the meeting and no report was received.



  1. Trustee Status. To receive an update

Many thanks to Cllr Moore for his hard work on this topic. The work on Deeds and Documentation is awaiting a couple of replies and will then be complete. The main point is “that Ubley Parish Council is to all intents and purposes fully responsible for the car park, the amenity area and associated costs of their up keep.” The issue of paying for major works such as re-surfacing of the car park and the scope of the Parish Council Insurance Policy needs to be clarified.


Cllr Moore will continue to work on the issue of the Cross, as it is still shown as un-registered land at present.


An update has been made regarding the position of the Custodial Trustees but there is no indication of what the update was.



The Clerk to send Cllr Moore a copy of the Insurance Policy Statement








The Clerk to contact the Hall Committee to ascertain what the update was

  1.  Projects.
    1. Grass cutting. To receive an update from the working group.

The Proposal from the Chairman was considered, and it was agreed unanimously to accept his suggestion that we appoint WestCountry Groundcare Ltd as our contractor for the next year.


    1. Playground. To receive an update.

A single option proposal is being worked on which could be adjusted as necessary to fit the final agreed site. Sarah Williams who acts for the Diocese is being contacted regarding the arrangement of a presentation. There has been written support from the PCC and the Rector for the proposal. The next meeting working group meeting will be held on 12thJanuary.


As the lease for the Glebe Field runs out in 2023, it was agreed that this would be a focus for the Parish Council in 2019 and Cllr Smart has agreed to lead a working group.

















The Chairman to send a copy of the lease to Cllr Smart.

  1.  Finances
    1. Financial statement 

The Financial Statement was shared with the council.


    1. To confirm payments and signing of cheques 

The payment of cheques was agreed, and they will be signed immediately after the meeting.


    1. Budget Forecast: To begin analysis prior to setting of Precept

A copy of the draft budget was shared with the Parish Council.











Cllr Thompson and the Clerk to work on the budget proposal


  1. Defibrillator: To receive an update  

Cllr Moore reported that the light inside the box still does not come on automatically. This has been flagged up to the monitoring company.



13)  Planning

  1. To receive updates on The Village Plan/Place-making Plan/CVNP

Nothing of note this month.

  1. Other planning:

An application had only just come in and therefore was not on the agenda.



  1. PCAA. To receive an update.

The closing date for the PCAA to get any input regarding the Joint Spatial Plan and Airport Expansion Plan is 28thDecember




  1. Gigaclear/ Truespeed. To receive an update.

There is still some work to be done on the cabling through the village. Assurance has been given to the Clerk by Truespeed that the run of fibre between Ubley and Blagdon will be done underground.









Cllrs Collins and Smart to look at this application and the Clerk to ask for an extension so that it can be discussed in the January meeting


Cllr Collins to consider a response and circulate this to Cllrs before feedback to the PCAA






  1. Sweeper - To discuss and decide the way forward in light of changes to the sweeper scheme.

The proposal made by the Chairman was considered and it was agreed that he should send this to Cllr Myers.




The Chairman to send his proposal to Cllr Myers

  1. To receive an update on the Parish Hall
  1. To further discuss insurance for events taking place in the Amenity Area.

This was discussed in light of Section 9 above.




The Clerk and Cllr Moore to investigate the liabilities and obligations

  1.  To receive reports from Councillors who have attended meetings or training sessions:


  1. Chew Valley Interagency meeting  - 13th November   The Clerk.

Cllr Thompson has put some links re health and well-being information onto the website. The Clerk has various leaflets from the organisations that were at the meeting. The Village Agent for Ubley is only available until the end of the year.









  1. Chew Valley Forum - 26thNovember    Cllr Moore.

Cllr Moore had produced a written summary from this meeting which was circulated with the Agenda for this meeting.







Cllr Collins to liaise with Cllr Haley re a Community page for the website


The Clerk to put the leaflets into the Circulation Folder and to liaise with Denise Perrin in the New year re the village agent for Ubley.



Cllr Moore to attend the next Chew Valley Forum on 25thFebruary 2019


17)  To confirm the date of the next meetings

The next meetings will be held on Thursday 3rd and Thursday 31st January 2019, starting at 7:30pm.


             Chairman: Wesley Hallam Tel: 01761 463509

Clerk: Mrs Hilary Collins Tel: 01761 462294

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.